Break ups are real!!!

“im sorry, this should not be happened, plz try to forgive this situation. You’ll be able to overcome the situation, and will get a better half

I was not able to believe the condition of myself, I was asleep, is it a dream. My head was terribly aching. No one is there to uphold me, but myself. I didn’t try to reply her or call her again. I understood the situation at present. I was shocked, still controlled. I was trying to comfort that she’s happy now, but I’m not. My left chest was weighted, eyes started to wet, controlled, my lips were vibrating, my breath were stuck, I was suffering.
How I could face my family, that was the sudden question popped up in my head. I cleared my dropping tears, took the whiskey bottle from my room which was kept beneath my cot, only to consume at my wedding day as a tension relief, and went straight to the staircase. I was in a bad state of mind. I reached the top floor covered by asbestos sheet, kept woods and some old utensils side, temperature is maintained in night. I sat at the left side corner, which is a blind spot to everyone including neighbors and family members. I don’t have any glass or any side dish to have my whiskey, I was confused like all drunkards. I became terrible. Opened the bottle and poured the whiskey into my throat as it is, I just swallow it without knowing the taste of it. It was hard for a normal drunkard. My nose was watered, I was crying, watered my eyes, I silenced my cries. I covered my mouth with both my hands and I was in a pitiful stuff. My mind was off and I cannot think of getting myself out of home, I know that I cannot drive myself in this situation. I was in a terrible situation, I cant believe this. The thing is I was not thinking about the girl at present, I was desperate about having something to dilute this whiskey. I became weak in all aspects. Finally I cried all loud, I was miserable, I needed help. I think I need someone to hold me in that situation, I think so. Still I called her and it was out of coverage area. I started to listen her past audios ,her humming, her anger, her laugh, OMG it’s not believable, I cried again, deleted all those audios one by one, I cleaned my face and nose with the kerchief got from my back pocket. I was crying and it was like childhood days, when maa forced me to go to school on Monday in a rainy season, oh God. I was not used to taste alcohol like this, but was forced to. the pity taste was still there in my tongue and i started to spit.

“dont spit, got some prawn pickles, if okay??”
It was paa, didn’t look back, within that time I cleared all my tears from my face by rubbing into the shirt. I reacted normally.


I’ve got a new story plot during examination hall, 

I’m glad I may be waiting for this. I’d written whatever I know and finished my exam. I’d started to do my project. I believe everything happens to me right now is for my best.

Hope I’ll publish my plot as early as possible. Take care…

Myself, Akhilesh.. from India, a pg student, created my first blog as a part of my desire and great dream. This will contain what i wish to or try to express whatever happenings in my life. And the best part is that i’d prepared a story plan, which i would like to develop and mold it into a novel.